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The right technology stack is the foundation of your architected custom software. We build your software with the latest & top core technologies, to suit any type of application.

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They stand out for their coding and development knowledge, as well as UI/UX - they're one of the best in the market with technology; finding an immediate solution whenever we had an issue.

Alejandro Selvi
Founder & CEO, PetsRWise


Joshua Askew
Operations Manager, Audet

The response time, credible portfolio and connection we built with them early on were key factors in our decision to move ahead with 7EDGE on the project - and solve for a need within the marketplace.


Their team was flexible and met all of my expectations - patiently and thoroughly. They're actual people that listened to and understood my needs. Very welcoming and cared about what I had to say.

Melissa Galfano
Owner, Megadolls




Why Develop With Us


Agile Expertise

Your web application needs require a development team with a diverse skill set in order to create the best product for your business. With expertise in the latest and top technology stacks, our company delivers reliable and future proof applications using agile principles to help clients achieve faster go-to-market and adapt to the constantly evolving buisness environment.

Reduce OpEx

By becoming Cloud-Native based, you can pivot costs quickly and efficiently, and pace your investments with value realization. Our expert team can help you take advantage of Cloud strategies like container-based development to build secure, robust, and adaptable applications, which reduce overall operational costs in the long run.

Scalable Solutions

While keeping in mind your dynamic traffic loads, performance, and business growth needs, we can architect your web application and cloud infrastructure to handle scalability by leveraging the advantages of microservices architecture - like modular components etc.

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As technology partners, we are committed to comprehensively understanding your industry, to realizing your product with the architecture and engineering best fit for you.



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